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Fire Extinguishers
Portland, Oregon

Portable fire extinguishers are often the first line of defense in managing fires before they get out of hand. Most fires can be controlled or put out completely with the proper use of portable fire extinguishers, but it is important to know their limitations and best practices to avoid putting yourself at further risk.

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Install, Service, and Inspect

Although fire extinguishers seem straightforward in their maintenance and usage, there are standards for servicing your fire extinguishers that are meant to keep them operating at their full potential. Fire extinguishers require different services at 1 year, 6 year, and 12 year time intervals based on the age of the fire extinguisher and the date it was last serviced. Peak Fire Protection technicians are certified to offer the following fire extinguisher services.

  • Sales

  • Annual service.

  • Recharging.

  • 6 year inspection.

  • Hydrostatic testing.

  • Fire extinguisher training.

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