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Fire Alarm Systems
Portland, Oregon

Protecting your property and the people within it is crucial, and that's why we offer comprehensive fire alarm systems. With our expert fire alarm company team, we can design and install a fire alarm system that meets your unique needs. Our fire alarm services also include regular inspections, repairs, and emergency service calls. We take pride in providing top-of-the-line fire alarm services to our customers throughout Hillsboro and Portland, Oregon.

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Fire alarm systems must be inspected, tested, and maintained regularly in order to comply with local and national requirements. During inspections, all devices will be tested and inspected to ensure they are in working order and are ready to operate in case of a fire. Devices included are: 

  • Manual Pull Stations 

  • Smoke detectors/duct detectors 

  • Annunciator panels 

  • Fire sprinkler alarms 

  • Tamper devices 

  • Horns and strobes 

  • Main fire panel 

  • Auxiliary power supply panels

At the conclusion of your inspection, compliant reports will be submitted to keep your systems up-to-date with the Authority Having Jurisdiction. In the case that deficiencies are found, some repairs can be made on-site with your approval, and others will be quoted and made with a return trip.


As with any system that includes mechanical and electrical components, fire alarm systems must be maintained in order to do their job. Loose/damaged wires, water damaged devices, corrosion, physical damage, programming issues, improper installation, and age can all contribute to faulty fire alarm systems. Unnoticed issues can lead to tragedies and lost property, so it is crucial to ensure that all fire alarm systems are in working order. We provide the equipment and know-how to give you the peace of mind that your fire systems are intended to.

Installations and Tenant ImprovementsAs code requirements evolve and technology improves, newly installed fire alarm system requirements do also. This means that older buildings will oftentimes not be equipped with the same level of protection that new ones are. Whether your building is brand new, or many decades old, we can help you determine what is required for you to keep your property safe and compliant. Our fire alarm systems are professionally designed, expertly installed, and affordably priced. 

Fire alarm systems are designed to the area in which they protect, and tenant improvements and alterations to your property can often require moving and adding fire alarm devices. Give us a call for a free quote for your tenant improvement. 

Emergency Service
False alarms and malfunctions are disruptive and can impact your business if they are not addressed quickly. With technicians on call 24/7, we are always ready to respond to your emergency service needs. Our proven reliability is what sets us apart, and is the reason we have built strong relationships with all of our customers. Emergency service is not limited to the Portland area, we are readily available to travel to all corners of Oregon.

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