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Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression
Portland, Oregon

Commercial kitchens present significant fire risk and must be protected with the proper equipment. As a restaurant owner or business owner with a commercial kitchen in Central Oregon you are faced with a unique set of challenges in dealing with the threat of fire. High temperatures, oil, fuel, and an array of human factors can contribute to the outbreak of fire in kitchens so it is important to be prepared with equipment that will protect you, your employees, and your property from kitchen fires getting out of hand.

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Install, Inspect, Maintain, and Repair
The standard for fire suppression in commercial kitchens includes systems equipped with automatic detection as well as manual means of activation, and staff must be  trained in what to do when a fire breaks out. Peak Fire Protection can install new systems, and inspect, maintain, and repair existing kitchen fire suppression systems to make sure you are ready in the event of a fire. We also offer training for employees, giving employers peace of mind in knowing that their staff are prepared and familiar with their systems.

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